Showing off your annual budget is boring. Make it a little Lego movie and I'm in.

I can really not think of anything more boring than a budget presentation. It's something that HAS to be done, but how can you make a budget presentation fun? Jay Warren had found a way. By taking his hobby of Legos and showing off what the budget is in Arlington for 2022.

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Jay is the Director of Communication and Legislative Affairs for the city of Arlington, helping citizens engage with whatever’s happening at city hall. Jay decided to take his Lego collection and use it to make the city of Arlington.

The video was posted just a few weeks ago and already has racked up over half a million views."How do we show them how their money's being spent in an understandable, engaging way,” he said. "We looked at it and thought, what does the budget really do? We're building a budget every year. We're looking at the key priorities city council has and what they want to build for this year."

Well Jay, I would say you have successfully kept the city engaged for the budget presentation for the year. I'm sure this is usually a slideshow and nobody wants to sit through one of those. Only thing that is missing is Jay's full Lego collection.


I want to see if he has the big sets that I couldn't afford as a kid. Something like the Super Star Destroyer or Death Star.

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