On a quiet afternoon in Texas, chaos erupted as a drive-by shooting had bullets flying everywhere.

A camera catches the moment a car drives up and unloads at least 50 rounds into the front of the house in the video at the bottom of this article.

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At first, we thought this was an alternate angle of the video we posted last week due to the sheer number of bullets fired. Nope, turns out this is new.

Two Shooters

There's really not too much to break down about this video. There appear to be two shooters, one in the front side passenger seat, and the other in the back.


Hail of Bullets

We counted at least fifty rounds being fired here, probably more, it's hard to keep up. The digital green square that's overlayed when the camera detects movement jumps around the screen as it attempts to keep up with all of the smoke and debris from the bullet impacts.

Stay Safe Out There

It's such a cowardly act, driving up to someone's house, in the cover of night, and spraying it with bullets.  We couldn't find any more information on the condition of the people in the house, or if it was occupied at all at that time. Hopefully, no one got seriously hurt.

Check out the video for yourself below and stay safe out there.


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