Another zoom-bombing happened in Texas, but this one wasn't as long as some others.

We have talked about these 'zoom bombings' in the past. Where someone gets access to a virtual zoom call and throws up unwanted images or videos. We talked about one about a month ago here in Texas where racist and sexual images were shown to students for FORTY minutes. I have no idea how the school was unaware of that happening for that long.

Looks like it happened again in Texas. This time at the Leander Independent School District just north of Austin. In the letter sent to River Ridge Elementary School parents Sept. 9, Principal Shelley Roberts told parents that the incident happened during a fourth-grade zoom call. Roberts said the teacher admitted into the zoom meeting a person who was using a student's name. After that, the principal said, "inappropriate sexual content was displayed for about a minute before the teacher was alerted and ended the meeting."

Law enforcement was notified and an investigation is underway, the principal said to parents. Roberts said the school is in contact with the families affected by the zoom bombing. Thank goodness the meeting was ended quickly, unlike the other one mentioned above.

Parents who have students who are virtual learning. It is important you do not share the links for the virtual classroom or any of the login information for your child. Hopefully these 'zoom bombings' stop happening, but it doesn't look like it will any time soon.

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