Spanking? Yes, an entire weekend of spanking awaits you in Houston.

Hey, whatever turns you on, turns you on. If you're into spanking, you need to head to Houston. Where at? It's a secret. Actually, not really. The hotel location is only given to paid attendees. Being a single guy that would cost me $150 to attend and I am not forking that kind of cash over. Also, the hotel probably does not want to be known as the place that is holding the largest spanking party in the world.

What does that $150 get you ($125 for single females and $250 for couples)? Access to a Thursday pizza party -- can't spank on an empty stomach, Friday night hors d’oeuvres & light fare -- Friday night gets more classy. Sunday farewell brunch -- have to say goodbye to all your spanking buddies with some eggs.

You also get access to the spanking classes. Like beginning spanking, naughty school girl event, dungeon party, and pajama party to name a few. A lot more is offered and they get more graphic in detail on the full schedule.

What about the rules?! They have a full list of them, but the thing I found most interesting is the name tag. It is either red, yellow or green. Red for stop, yellow for take it easy, and green for go go go.

So if spanking is your thing, Texas has your back. Check out the Lonestar Spanking Party from May 17-21 in Houston.