This is the first time this has happened in the history of 'Jeopardy!'

Cindy Stowell is a science-content developer from Austin, Texas. Sadly Cindy just lost her battle with cancer. She was 41-years-old. She did get to live her lifelong dream of competing on the television show 'Jeopardy!'. She filmed her episode back in August, she was able to film her episode after auditioning just three weeks before. The waiting list is quite extensive for 'Jeopardy!', but producers made an exception since she just had six months to live.

A few producers and host Alex Trebek knew of her diagnosis. “When Cindy Stowell taped her appearance on ‘Jeopardy!’ she had Stage IV cancer. Competing on ‘Jeopardy!’ was a lifelong dream for Cindy, and we’re glad she was able to do so,” Trebek said in a statement. “Sadly, Cindy died on Dec. 5. All of us at ‘Jeopardy!’ offer our condolences and best wishes to her family and friends."

“Cindy came on ‘Jeopardy!’ to play the game she loved and in doing so, she was able to make a contribution to cancer research in the hopes that no one else would have to go through what she did,” Hess and Stowell’s parents, Greg and Carole, said in a joint statement.

Cindy's episode of Jeopardy is set to air on December 13. Jeopardy airs here in Texoma weekdays on CBS at 3 and 3:30 in the afternoon.