We all have that one friend that takes losing at a game a little too seriously, but this North Texas man took it to a another level when he killed a man over a game of beer pong.

Zachary Rico of Grand Prairie was just sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his good friend 20-year-old Jacob Vidaurri. Zachary was sentenced this past Friday (12/15) on his 21st birthday. Zachary was not known to be a criminal, he had no priors before the murder charge. However, he was known to flaunt his gun around and bring it with him everywhere.

Friends said he would get angry when he would lose in beer pong. Back in October 2016, he had one of those angry nights. Zachary was losing game after game to Jacob Vidaurri. People at the party said Zachary lost six straight games of beer pong to Jacob. At one point during the last game, Zachary put the gun on the beer pong table. People guess he was trying to intimidate Jacob.

Jacob was unfazed and after he won again thought it was best to leave the room. Zachary followed him, taunting him around the party. Zachary asked Jacob if he was afraid of death. He shrugged it off and said, "If it's my time to go, it's my time to go. God's got me," Vidaurri said.

Zachary then took the cartridges out of the gun, put it to Jacob's head and pulled the trigger. Zachary would come back later, with the cartridges in the gun this time, pulled the trigger and killed Jacob.

Two lives lost, all over a stupid game of beer pong.

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