Hurricane Matthew has killed at least thirty people in America and has caused massive flooding throughout the east coast. One tweet probably saved a man's life. 

Craig Williams lives in Texas, but the past few days he has been worried about his brother in North Carolina. North Carolina has been hit with massive rainfall from Hurricane Matthew and has caused flooding throughout the state. Chris Williams lives in Hope Mills, North Carolina.

Craig was on Twitter searching through the #HopeMills just to see how bad the flooding actually was for his brother. When he stumbled on drone footage of his brother's actual neighborhood. He jokingly sent it to his brother, not knowing it was his neighborhood. Craig later found out the house with the blue shutter to the far right was his brother's house.

He asked the drone operator if they could contact someone to go rescue his brother and his dog in that particular house. FEMA was able to rescue Chris and his dog. Many people consider social media a waste of time, but it actually saved someone's life on this day.