What a wild ride it was for a local Texas news team this morning.

Around 4:30 Monday morning, a news crew with KPRC2 over in Houston was involved in a pretty strange accident with their van. Reporter Sofia Ojeda said she and her photographer, Damon Sales, were sitting at an intersection on their way to cover a story when out of nowhere they got sideswiped. A pretty stressful situation, especially in the company car, but it gets worse.

The guy that sideswiped the news van then attempted to carjack said news van. "He said, 'I'm stealing your vehicle. I'm stealing your vehicle,'" Sales said. "He tried to pull me out. We're buckled in, and he's like, 'Get out! Get out! Get out!'" Then a pair of Houston officers pulled over because of the accident.

The man pushed one of the officers down and then dragged the other one out of the vehicle. The man jumped then into the cruiser and stole it. The officers happened to be transporting a juvenile at the time, who was still detained in the backseat when the suspect stole the car. The carjacker reportedly let the juvenile out a few blocks away, who then flagged down an officer and told them what happened.

The carjacker would abandon the police cruiser in the woods and, as of the writing of this post, is still on the loose, according to the news team that almost got carjacked. Police believe the suspect may have been drinking and driving.

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