If your child is currently enrolled in a cosmetology program, it may be going away soon.

Nothing has been set in stone yet, but the State of Texas is considering cutting funding to cosmetology programs that are currently available in over a hundred Texas high schools, two of which are here in Wichita County. Iowa Park High School and the Wichita Falls Career Education Center both offer cosmetology classes. There's no telling what will happen to these programs if the funding gets cut, but it doesn't look good.

The Texas Education Agency proposed a plan a few weeks ago that would cut funding to programs that do not meet new baselines during a webinar for the Human Services advisory committee. The goal is to train these students in careers that make at least $35,339. The average salary for someone in cosmetology is between $21,507 and $30,056, according to their wage data.

In an email to The Texas Tribune, TEA spokesperson Lauren Callahan explained that the agency is in the process of “soliciting feedback and asking for additional data and supports to think through solutions, since cosmetology does not currently meet the definition of high-wage. If they do not come to a solution and funding does get cut. That decision will come in early 2019.

Cosmetology teachers are skeptical of the process. They say the data presented by TEA doesn’t reflect the reality of the industry. “You can make as much as you want,” said Aimee Foster, the cosmetology instructor at Hays High School. “If someone’s not making that much money, they’re just not working enough. I know some who make six figures doing this job.”

You can read more about this in the Texas Tribune. Just wanted to give some parents a heads up and your children as well. I am sure I have a couple of kids that listen to this station that are probably enrolled in one of these programs. Hopefully, you can finish out this course because it looks like it may disappear unless the Texas Education Agency is convinced otherwise.

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