If clowns aren't your thing, this is your worst nightmare. 

Without a doubt, 'It' was the king of the box office this past weekend. Raking in $117.2 million. Some of that money came in from Alamo Drafthouse in Austin and their clown-only screening. That's right, if you wanted to attend this showing of 'It', you had to dress up as a clown. Looks like someone decided to dress up as Georgie (the kid that gets pulled into the storm drain).

Looks like a lot of fun, honestly. Glad to see movie theaters trying to bring stuff like this back. I understand some theaters do not want these kind of events due to the massacre that happened during the 'Dark Knight Rises' premiere. Mostly for safety reasons, because you do not know what people could have under their costumes. Still, I would love to attend something like this in Wichita Falls when the new 'Star Wars' comes out.

Finally, I actually saw 'It' yesterday afternoon. I thought it was OK. I'll give it a seven out of ten. I actually laughed more than I was scared. I think we all have nostalgia from the classic movie. That old one was so bad it was good and the reason I think 90% of people are terrified of clowns. We all saw that movie on cable when we were WAY too young. Just remember, kids, don't talk to clowns hanging out in storm...

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