Walking to the nation's capital from Texas is a journey all by itself. Carrying a cross the whole time takes it to another level.

Over in Longview, Texas, Pastor Maclean is currently on a long distance journey. He started just two days ago walking out of East Texas on his way to Washington DC. The reason for the journey? God. His mission, he says, is to bring God back into the U.S. government. He's been preparing for his journey the past few months and the goal is to walk around 80,000 steps a day.

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“He’s been on me about 10 years to take this walk, and finally spoke audibly to me on December 28 during a prayer,” Maclean said. “I was the only one that heard it, but he said that it’s time to prepare for your walk and the walk is to rise up the church. We’re sitting idle too much and the government’s having their way and taking God out of everything.”

He expects to reach Washington sometime in July. He plans to speak at the Lincoln Memorial on July 19th. Hopefully no hiccups happen along the way. This is no easy task, especially while carrying a cross the entire way. Pastor Maclean has a Facebook page setup if you want to track his journey.

He will be updating every day along the journey so folks can keep track of his progress. I've made this trip by car myself and that was exhausting. No way could I handle this walk. Best of luck to you Pastor Maclean.

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