The most Texas thing that the state of Texas could do.

Every state has their official symbols. Such as flowers, animals or songs. Looks like the state of Texas wants to add one to our list. An official state gun. Which one would make the cut? Looks like three different weapons are actually trying to make the list.

A cannon is being considered for the official gun of Texas. The cannon is a reference to the 1835 battle of Gonzales, when Mexican soldiers tried to take a cannon from a group of Texans who resisted, marking the beginning in earnest of the Texas revolution.

An 1847 Colt Walker pistol is also being considered. The pistol has been called “the most powerful black powder pistol in existence” The state is also trying to pass legislation to have the official state knife be the Bowie knife. Named after Jim Bowie, who died in the battle of the Alamo.

If a state gun sounds super Texan, we're actually late to the party on an official state gun. So far, eight other states have an official state gun. Utah was actually the first state to have an official state gun back in 2011.

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