The rivalry between the University of Texas and Texas Tech is as intense as ever these days.

Not that it’s any surprise. Losing your Men’s Head Basketball Coach to your arch rival will piss off even the most laid-back of fans.

So, of course, there’s been a whole lot of trash talking going on this year – and the Longhorns aren’t taking it lying down.

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Just last week, we saw Texas Head Coach Chris Beard confront an Oklahoma fan that called him a traitor as he left the court. Beard reportedly asked the man, “does that make you happy saying that when you don't even know me?” To which the fan appeared to respond with, “Yes, it does.”

Personally, I would’ve liked to have seen Beard take the high road and ignore the fan in order to set a good example to his players, but he just couldn’t let it go.

And now we have the Longhorns’ Avery Benson, who left Texas Tech to follow Beard to the University of Texas, getting in on the action.

Benson was caught on camera yelling “Suck my d***, b****" to a fan while leaving the court after losing to the Red Raiders Saturday (February 19) in Austin.

I’m sure Benson was beyond frustrated following the loss, considering he didn’t play a minute of the game against his former team, but that sort of reaction is only going to make him look bad. Tech fans are known for their rowdy behavior and there’s no telling what the fan said to him, but it’s best to just let it go.

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