This is it, three games remain in the regular season and it's time for the Rangers to get some wins.

Humble Brag, My Baltimore Orioles Won Their Division Last Night

Man am I excited for some postseason baseball. As an Orioles fan, I am wanting the Texas Rangers in the playoffs. Even though I don't root for the Rangers. It would be awesome having some playoff games to go to just a short drive away in Arlington. In case you didn't stay awake to watch the Texas Rangers on the west coast last night, here's what happened.

Heartbreaking Ending for the Texas Rangers

The Rangers needed literally one out in the bottom of the ninth before J.P. Crawford got this hit to bring in two runs. So what happens to the Rangers now with only three games remaining.

"Just Win Baby"

As the great Al Davis once said, that's all the Texas Rangers have to do. Just win a single game to get in to the 2023 postseason. The good news for the Texas Rangers, the division is still alive. If they were to get that, they would need to win two out of three in Seattle over the weekend. The problem is, Seattle is also fighting for a playoff spot. So these games will not be easy over the weekend.

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From what I am seeing from the Seattle Times, the Mariners need to sweep the Rangers to make the postseason. They can lose one game and still be alive if some other teams lose. They really need two out of the next three at the bare minimum. So things will be getting interesting over the weekend for the Texas Rangers.

What Happens if the Rangers Get Swept?

Like I said, the Mariners want to win every game this weekend to guarantee a playoff spot. What happens to the Texas Rangers? Well Rangers fans, you need to be screen watching then. If the Astros get two out of three against the Diamondbacks and the Blue Jays get two out of three against the Rays. The Rangers are officially out of the postseason due to tiebreakers. Every team in the AL West would have 89 wins at that point and the Rangers would be the odd ones out.

It's about to be a BIG sports weekend and if you're not a baseball fan. You're missing out. Like I said, I want the Rangers in the postseason, so just get at least one guys. Two would be HUGE! Go Orioles and Go Rangers<(for this weekend only).

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