Kind of a terrible move on the Texas Rangers organization. 

Seems like everyone in the country is coming to together to help out the victims of Hurricane Harvey. That is everyone except the Texas Rangers. The Houston Astros were scheduled to play a series against them in Houston. For obvious reasons, that game could not be played in Houston.

The Houston Astros reached out to the Rangers to see if they would be willing to trade series locations this year. The series (starting tonight) would instead be played in Arlington. Then the final week of the season, instead of those games being in Arlington, they would move to Houston. Seems like an even trade, especially with a team that's dealing with a hurricane right now.

Astros president Reid Ryan said he asked the Rangers to swap, but they declined the offer. MLB has now put the series at a neutral site. The Texas Rangers reportedly offered to host the game in Arlington, with proceeds going to the Astros, but the Rangers would not give up the games later in the season to Houston, so the Astros declined.

The two teams will now meet at Tropicana Field where the Tampa Rays play. Understandably, some people are calling the Rangers out for this.

'Classy as always, should be absolutely ashamed. Greed never takes off days, apparently. Stay strong #Htown! We hope to be home soon', said Astro pitcher Lance McCullers Jr.

This is why I think the Rangers didn't want to swap. In case the Rangers make a run at the playoffs, they want that home field advantage at the end of the season. Why give the Astros that home field advantage to close out the season? Because they had a hurricane you freaking jerks. I hope karma comes hard on the Rangers for not willing to make this deal.

The Dallas Cowboys will host the Houston Texans this Thursday in Arlington. A game originally scheduled for Houston. The Cowboys have also opened up their practice facility so the Texans can train. Something a classy organization would do for a team dealing with a hurricane. Not forcing a team to fly to freaking Florida.

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