My personal favorite Texas Ranger of all time will finally be getting the recognition he deserves.

I'm not a Rangers fan, but obviously living in Texas I do catch the occasional game on at the bar. Throughout my years living in Texas since 2007, Michael Young was always a Ranger I respected. He definitely had some good games against my Baltimore Orioles, but I couldn't hate on him for it.

Michael Young has played more games than any other Texas Ranger in their history. Along with that, he also has the most hits in Rangers history. The Rangers are showing love to the players that helped take them to back to back World Series. Adrian Beltre's number was retired earlier this season, Josh Hamilton will be going into the Rangers Hall of Fame this summer, and Young will be another piece of those historical Rangers teams.

"If fans thought I played hard and teammates thought I was a good teammate, that's good enough for me," Michael Young said. "I'd be very happy with that. I think we took this organization to a place it had never been before. It was a great ride." The Rangers will retire his number at a ceremony on August 31 against the Seattle Mariners. If you want to go, get your tickets now. They will go up the closer we get to that date.

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