Does more play time, result in better education time?

Recess is something that kids look forward to each and every school day. In some schools, recess is being reduced and at some completely going away. Some Texas ISDs are experimenting with actually increasing recess throughout the school day. Four fifteen minute recess breaks throughout the school day.

The LiiNK Project started in the 2015-2016 school year. Trinity Valley School, Starpoint School, Eagle-Mountain Saginaw ISD, Irving ISD, Arlington ISD, Little Elm ISD, Chattanooga, OK Public School, White Settlement ISD, Seguin ISD and Round Rock ISD are all a part of this project.

The project helps break up the routine and give them a chance to expand some of that boundless energy they seem to have. Teachers at the schools say kids are more focused, calmer and there are fewer behavior issues in the school because of it. Kids can't just sit in classrooms for eight hours a day. They need to go outside and socialize with their classmates.

The study says that with the increase in standardized testing and with recess not being considered 'educational' it was decreased or cut. This project is showing that recess breaks actually help the students. You can check out the results for yourself. Would you want your child's school to try this? I would be curious to see the results for our area.

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