I think the last time we did a story about a Texas teacher having sex with a student I said this wouldn't be the last one in 2017. Sadly, I was right.

Rachel Gonzalez was a teacher in Bay City, Texas just outside of Houston. She was caught back on December 14 having sex with a thirteen-year-old boy. They two were caught by the boy's father on this day. Police took the teen's phone and discovered the two had been talking for quite some time. Police say the contents of the phone were not suitable for a student/teacher relationship.

Gonzalez officially resigned from her position as a fourth-grade teacher at Cherry Elementary School. She was charged with online solicitation and having an improper relationship with the 13-year-old boy. She was taken to the Matagorda County jail but has since bonded out.

If it seems like we did a lot of stories this year on teachers sleeping with students in Texas, you would be right. The Texas Education Agency says improper relationships between students and teachers have increased thirty-six percent this year. Maybe 2018 these stories will stop, probably not though.

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