Just imagine waking up and knowing something wasn't right. Then you watch your security footage and find out someone was in your house.

Police in Spring, Texas arrested 17-year-old Terrell Dane Morgan for burglary. He appears to break into a home on New Year's Day around 2:30 in the morning. Cameras are only in the hallways of the home, but he did enter the rooms. Police are only assuming what he did in those rooms.

He walked out of a woman's room with his pants down and wearing one of her dresses. He was in that room for around thirty minutes. Morgan then walked to a seven-year-old girl's room and police believe he went in there to pleasure himself. The family is assuming Morgan broke in there before.

They believed someone had broken into their home a previous two times. Then they got the new security system with cameras. They caught him this time. The family says they do not know Morgan. The daughter says he offered to mow their yard one time. Deputies are trying to determine if he did this to any other houses in the area.

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