UPDATE (3/12/18 1:50 p.m.): Austin police and fire responded to another package explosion today just before noon on the southeast side of the city. According to reports, one woman in her 70s was taken to the hospital with potentially life-threatening injuries.

This is the second package explosion today, and the third in the last two weeks. Police are telling Austin residents "DO NOT" open unknown packages.

Original Story:

This is the second death from a package delivery this month in the area.

Austin police are investigating another death this morning from a package exploding. A male teenager was killed by the blast and woman in her forties was severely injured as well. The explosion happened around 7 am this morning. Just ten days ago, another package exploded killing Anthony Stephan House.

House's death was initially called a homicide, but police said they considered it a "suspicious death" because they didn't know whether House had constructed the bomb himself and accidentally detonated it, according to Fox News.

Police are still investigating to see if these two incidents are somehow related. Police do not believe the postal service or other delivery company sent these packages. They believe someone is dropping them off themselves. Police are urging residents to call police if they receive a package they were not expecting.

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