It's almost Valentine's Day. This year, instead of chocolates, roses, and romance, how about something different. How about blood, fear, and some screaming instead?

This weekend in Fort Worth, Valentine's Day is going to be a little scarier than usual. On Friday the 12th, Saturday the 13th, and Sunday the 14th, you and your sweety can cancel your dinner reservations and head to the Valentine X Haunted House instead!

Valentine X is doing this special holiday version of their haunted house at 4 locations around the country this weekend. San Antonio, Ft. Worth, Chicago, and Denver. The Fort Worth location will be open from 8-10pm Friday, Saturday, and Valentine's day.

They say that that there will be special Valentine's Day related themes, decorations and characters in a candlelit setting. Bring a little terror to your Valentine's date this year or, if you're single, get a group of friends to come along. A night at a haunted house may not be as scary as the thought of spending the rest of your life alone, but it will definitely be more fun.

The event is expected to be a sell out so consider getting your tickets in advance. General Admission and Fast Pass tickets are available now starting at $27.95. You can get more information and order your tickets at