It might seem crazy, but Texas could see a white Christmas this year.

As I am an East Coast native, a white Christmas isn't all that exciting. Don't get me wrong, snow can be beautiful, but it's not as uncommon as it is here in Texas. But it's looking like Texas could see a white Christmas this year, believe it or not.

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According to the Farmers' Almanac, there could be stormy weather with possible heavy snow over the Rocky Mountains and Plains, and all that could trickle down to us here in Texas. The Southwest United States, which includes parts of Texas, could "turn unsettled with possible snow over the high-terrain areas."

As for the other side of the Lone Star State, the Farmers' Almanac is predicting an unseasonably cold Christmas for the Southeast United States with frosts down to the Gulf Coast.


When was the last white Christmas in Texas?

You may be wondering when the last time was that Texas saw snow on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Luckily, the National Weather Service in Dallas Fort Worth has kept track. According to its website, the first recorded white Christmas in the Dallas area was in 1841. It said that "soldiers were tracking a bear in six inches of snow in what is now Dallas."

But the last recorded white Christmas in Dallas was almost a decade ago in 2012. And before that 2009, which is an important one to point out because it was rare and during an El Nino year, which is what we're experiencing right now in 2023. In 2009, us in Wichita Falls and the surrounding areas received the most snow this area has seen in a while.

On December 24, rare blizzard conditions impacted areas mainly northwest of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.  Some locations received as much as 9 inches of snow from Jacksboro to Bowie to northwestern Cooke County.  Winds gusted over 50 mph, with drifts as high as 3 to 5 feet.  Portions of U.S. Highway 287 between Decatur and Wichita Falls were impassable from Christmas Eve into Christmas morning.  The 3 inches of snow at DFW Airport was the first measurable snowfall on record for Christmas Eve. In Montague County, snow remained on the ground into the new year.

So as Texans count down the days till Christmas, they may want to prep for possibilities of snow!

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