While the next coast-to-coast eclipse won't happen for nearly another thirty years, Texas will get one in just seven years.

Today's eclipse was the first to span the entire country in nearly a century, with the last national eclipse happening in 1979 and only affecting five states. It started at Lincoln City, OR and ended near Charleston, SC, running 2,600 miles with a width of 60 to 70 miles. The next coast-to-coast eclipse won't happen until 2045, but cities in Texas are expected to experience an eclipse in 2024, with the resulting darkness being higher than what they experienced today.

As reported by ABC, in April 2024, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas and Fort Worth will be in the eclipse's path of totality, with Houston set to experience 94% darkness, in comparison to the 67% it had today. Houston won't experience a complete eclipse for another 176 years after that.

Astronomy enthusiasts encourage potential spectators to start making plans now as today's eclipse resulted in millions of people traveling to locations along the eclipse's path, and hotels and resorts being booked years in advance.

Texas Eclipse 2024
Texas Eclipse 2024

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