If you're thinking of getting injections, you probably want to be 100% sure that person knows what they're doing.

Looks like back in 2018 Marja McClendon traveled to Houston to visit Lisa Fernandez for a butt injection procedure. The problem, Lisa is not licensed to do this procedure. During an investigation, Lisa was apparently aware of the risks this involved if done improperly. Marja was unaware of this. One round of the injections did not go well.


Marja started experiencing shortness of breath and began coughing. Before the second round began, Marja said she was in too much pain and could not breathe. The two began to argue and Marja demanded a refund. Lisa refused and Marja left. Later that day, Marja went to the emergency room to complain about her pain. Marja left the emergency room before she could be evaluated.

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The next day, Marja returned to Lisa to finish off the procedure because she couldn't get her money back. During this second round of injections, Marja began to cough off blood. She would then be hospitalized and died a few days later. A friend was with Marja during the whole procedure and has been a key witness as this is now going to trial.

Lisa Fernandez has been charged with second degree felony manslaughter and is accused of illegally administering silicone butt injections while unlicensed. Lisa has admitted to police that she injected at least one of the syringes. So be careful out there with those cosmetic procedures. Be sure the person you're dealing with is licensed because these procedures when done wrong can be deadly.

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