Harry Houdini would be proud of this little criminal. 

Lufkin police have released the video of a very interesting arrest. Toscha Sponsler was arrested for shoplifting. Toscha has some more charges coming her way besides a little shoplifting. I have to admit, this was pretty impressive. First, she got her seatbelt off. Then she was able to somehow get out of her handcuffs. She climbs through the little window divider and steals the car.

She attempted to get away, but she eventually spun out. She actually had a pretty good chase going for about twenty minutes. Avoiding a spike strip at one point. After the chase, officers installed a new device in between the front and back seats on all of their marked units.

Sponsler has now been charged with escape causing serious bodily injury, aggravated assault against a public servant, evading arrest with a vehicle, unauthorized use of a vehicle and possession of a controlled substance.

Sponsler remains in jail on bonds totaling $18,000.

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