It’s so good to see justice served.

First and foremost, I love a good prank. As long as no one gets hurt and it’s all in good fun, I’m totally cool with it.

However, as much as I love a good prank, I can’t stand a bully. And that’s exactly what 54-year-old Denise Ann Hernandez of Athens is described as in a sworn affidavit, according to KWTX.

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Back on April 27, 2021, while serving as the Smith County elections administrator, Hernandez was working alongside two of her co-workers when she left the room. She returned and gave each of the workers a cup containing pink liquid and told them it was Spark Energy Drink.

After confirming the two had finished their drinks, she put a canister of colon cleanse on the counter and started poking fun at them for drinking it, singing, “You just drank colon cleanser!” Her immature little song wasn’t the end of it.

Miraculously, both women were able to return the work the next day, where she continued to ridicule them.

Here’s the thing – one of the women had a medical condition that became worse thanks to the colon cleanse. So, not only was she embarrassed, but she was also in pain.

The woman was initially hesitant to come forward because she said Hernandez was a bully that took pleasure in picking on her at work. She also didn’t say anything out of fear of losing her job.

An arrest warrant was issued on May 26 and Hernandez was arrested on two charges of assault causing bodily injury on June 1 and held on a $20,000 bond. She bonded out later that day.

Hernandez pleaded guilty to the charges today (March 9) and agreed to 18 months of deferred adjudication.

Maybe she’ll think twice the next time she gets the urge to give someone the sh*ts.

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