Orangutans want the same thing normal babies want. Like 'Zootopia' on DVD. 

The Cameron Park Zoo in Waco is requesting several items for Mei and KJ's baby orangutan that is due in January. The orangutans love music and even do watch movies. Mei apparently is a big fan of 'The Jungle Book'. The zoo let visitors take part in the fun of a baby on the way by setting up a registry at Target. All of the gifts are under twenty-five dollars and several have already been purchased.

Most of the items are CDs, stuffed animals, and movies. They do have a Spongebob bubble bath set on the list as well. Zoo curator Terri Cox said each of the items on the gift registry was selected to help provide enrichment for the new arrival and other zoo animals. Enrichment items are for determining successfulness in stimulating the animal mentally and physically, and are tracked per animal.

A baby shower is setup for this Sunday if you want to make the road trip to Waco. Mei will be shown the gifts from her baby. While the human guests will be able to enjoy some cake.

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