Chad wasn't able to talk about it a few weeks ago, but he did officially win!

A couple weeks ago, we were talking about Chad Kennedy from Archer County competing on 'Forged in Fire'. Chad was not able to talk about whether he won or lost until the episode aired. Well, we got our answer, Chad won! If you want more info on Chad and his knife skills. He did a great interview with Times Record News.

Let's check out some clips from the show. First up, we find out Chad is in first place with ten points. Very nice. Next we see Chad and the other guys making some throwing knives. In fact, they had to make a pair of throwing knives. Fast forward to about 6:30 in the video above to see how Chad's knives did in the competition. The judge definitely loved Chad's knives, giving him many compliments.

In the next clip, we see Chad had to make something called a Ngombe Ngulu. I will be 100% honest, no idea what the heck that is, but it looks awesome. That thing absolutely destroyed the dummy. Fake blood flying everywhere, once again, nice job Chad. Chad actually dominated the competition getting a total of 84 points. The next closest competitor got 52.

Chad said he plans to use his winnings to buy some new equipment and take his wife on a date. I'm sure appearing on the show will also be good for business. Hopefully they do some sort of champions edition of the show because Chad definitely killed it this time around.

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