A big story today in The Associated Press is about the rejected mail in ballots in Texas for the most recent election. I decided to reach out to our surrounding counties and see how many we contributed.

In case you have not seen the story, the state of Texas in total rejected around 27,000 mail in ballots. In my opinion, I don't think that number is so big when you look at how big Texas is. However, this story has a lot of people talking throughout the country with the new voter laws that Texas put in place.

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Remember, when your ballot is rejected, the local county will reach out to you to try and get your vote fixed. Maybe some information is incorrect or missing. They will try to get it corrected in time so your vote will count in the election. For instance, one of the biggest counties in Texas, Harris County, which serves the Houston area. Had around 11,000 rejected ballots. After getting in contact with the citizens, they got that number down to 3,277.


How about here in our area? I contacted the voting registration offices in Wichita, Archer, and Clay County this morning to see how we did. In Wichita County, we had a total of 78. Which is honestly not that bad in my opinion. The office told me the number would have been higher, but they were able to get in contact with several people and make sure their vote counted in time for the big day.

How about our friends in Archer County?


That's right, every mail in ballot for Archer County was good to go. They originally rejected 51 people, but once again. Got in contact with them, got everything in order and all 51 people got their vote counted. Which is surprising to me, you would think at least one person would have messed up.

Finally, Clay County?


Just two, and those two were rejected because their mail in ballots were post dated AFTER the due date. Sorry, got to get those votes in on time folks if you're doing them mail in.

Honestly, I don't think this 27,000 is a big deal for the state. You will always have people trying to cheat the system and it looks like Texas' new voting laws are helping to prevent fraud.

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