Every year the Dallas Cowboys play on Thanksgiving. The past couple of decades, the team has also had some pretty great halftime performances, some not so great.

My Thanksgiving tradition is going to the Cowboys game. I have lived in Texas since 2007 and I just realized I had been to eleven thanksgiving games. So let's talk about these halftime performances. We will go from the best to the worst. Let's get this thing started.


  • 1

    Kelly Clarkson 2007

    Yup, my number one is actually my first year. Kelly Clarkson is a huge Cowboys fan, so she gets extra points. Plus, we all know she has an amazing singing voice.

  • 2

    Selena Gomez-2013

    Selena Gomez has those catchy songs that just get stuck in your head. When it comes to halftime, give me pop over country. You can probably guess who is at the bottom of my list.

  • 3

    Pitbull and Ne-Yo -2014

    Mr. Worldwide graced AT&T Stadium on Thanksgiving, this year with Ne-Yo. Don't worry, we will see Pitbull again.

  • 4

    Pitbull AGAIN ALREADY With Enrique Eglesias-2011

    Back to back Pitbull, at least on this list. Yup, I have seen Pitbull perform twice. A phrase I never thought I would say in my life, but it is true.

  • 5


    Yeah, remember Daughtry? Not an American Idol winner, but still had a pretty successful career for awhile. This would be the first Thanksgiving in AT&T Stadium.

  • 6

    Keith Urban -2010

    I'm not big into country music, but just to let everybody know. This performance I could actually sit through. Everything on the rest of this list I actually got up and walked around the stadium.


  • 7

    The Jonas Brothers-2008

    This one sucked bad and I will tell you why. SOOOO many families were at this game just for the Jonas Brothers. My section and several others emptied out after halftime. So much for that home field advantage. Plus it was the last Thanksgiving in Texas Stadium, thought we could have done better.

  • 8

    Kenny Chesney-2012

    I'll be honest, don't remember this one. The Redskins were destroying the Cowboys on this day. Plus, one minute into this performance I had enough. He's just not for me. (Sorry, could only find this 50 second clip)

  • 9

    Thomas Rhett-2017

    Unlike all the rest of these performers, I had no idea who this guy was. Even listening to him now, still no idea. I have never heard anything from him. Hence why his at the bottom, but the worst.

  • 10

    Luke Bryan-2015

    I get that it is Texas, but can I get a rock band once? Maybe do a pop star every other year? All this country music is not for me.

  • 11

    Eric Church-2016

    I'm just gonna say this. Eric Church is the worst. That song 'Springsteen' is honestly one of the worst songs I have heard in my life. Want to torture me? Put that song on repeat. Sorry, if you're a big fan of his, but I just don't get it.