Those who feel "The Simpsons" has outlived its welcome have to endure two more seasons.  After a tense week of contract negotiations that could have resulted in the shut down of the longest-running prime-time comedy, Fox and the stars of "The Simpsons" have reached a new deal that has renewed the series for two more seasons, taking it to its 25th season and 559 episodes.

No word yet as to the specifics of the deal, but the original problem stemmed from Fox demanding the stars of the series take a 45% pay cut.  The main stars of the series countered with an offer to accept a 30% pay cut along with finally receiving a cut of back end profits including a piece of syndication, DVD/Blu Ray sales, and merchandising.

While some of the show's producers agreed to take a pay cut, one member of the cast tried to jump on the grenade all by himself.  Harry Shearer, voice of Mr. Burns, Ned Flanders, et al., offered to take a 70% pay cut if the cast would be guaranteed their desired back end profits.  However, the offer was rejected.  No word yet if the 25th season is intended to be the final, or if more contract negotiations will take place down the line.

via Entertainment Weekly