If you've been listening to NIN lately you're probably heard us talking about our NIN New Years Warm Up Concert at the Iron Horse Pub. The concert is slated to feature former American Idol contestant Tim Halperin and will take place December 29.

I am among the 1% of America that has never watched or followed American Idol, so honestly I knew almost nothing about Halperin before I did a bit of research. Since the Mayans seem to think this could be our last new years celebration before the end of the world, I figure that we can't really afford to not thoroughly party this one up just in case. To ensure that everyone at the show is singing, dancing, and having a sufficiently wild time, I put together this Tim Halperin crash course. This course will take you from "Halperin who?!" to an above average Tim Halperin fan in just 15 minutes or less! Check out the videos and links below to learn everything you never knew you wanted to know about Tim Halperin. Also, Iron Horse is by far my favorite venue in town, but it is limited on space. Be sure to grab your ticket now/ASAP so you don't miss out on all of the shenanigans!

Where it started. Tim's Idol audition.

"The Last Song" - Tim's Single

Live Performance on Kidd Kraddick in the Morning

All this Halperin is making me wanna party! Make plans to come hangout with myself and the rest of the NIN crew December 29th at the Pub. Concert information here.

Insider tip from your resident Iron Horse veteran - The Iron Horse usually accepts call-ahead table reservations if you're bringing some friends and want to make sure you have seating. Call the pub at 940-767-9488 for more info about reservations.