Let's take a walk around the Spirit Halloween store with the perfect Wichita Falls salesman.

An employee of the Wichita Falls Spirit Halloween store took it upon himself to do a little advertising for the store. The video was posted to Facebook and has started to get a lot of shares.

Is the Spirit Halloween store overwhelming you with their selection? Well, Damien (even though his name tag clearly says Drew) is here to ease your troubled mind and take you around our local store. He has quite the style when it comes to describing his products.

They have wigs, in case you're not blessed with Damien's amazing hair. Makeup for days, any hat you will ever need, and even those bow and arrows with the sticky stuff on the end. Oh, and "if you're unlucky and you have kids, check it out," they have stuff for that, too.

Damien, Drew, or whoever you are, you need to be the official Spirit Halloween spokesman nationwide.

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