It's been unbearably cold in Texoma recently, so we are very happy to announce that starting this afternoon, 92.9 NIN is now broadcasting live in Thermal Audio. We officially got FCC approval today to turn on our Auditory Heating Element and now if your car is equipped with an Audio Heating Sensor, you will feel the heat just by listening to 92.9!

The feature, put forth by the FCC in the mid 90's, says that in every city, one radio station will be allowed the right to broadcast in Thermal Audio. The feature requires an FCC authorization, but when activated it allows a station's radio signal to send a transmission to your car making it warmer when the station is playing. Turning up the car radio's volume when on the specific station will determine the scale of the heat.

In Wichita Falls, KNIN is the official licensed Thermal Audio station. We've had the AHE hardware in place since 2001, but until this year we never had cold temperatures for a consistent enough time period for the FCC to authorize it's use.

With most cars built after 1998, Audio Heating Sensor (AHS) equipped speakers have been installed, but to see if your car is ready, use our easy tool below. The AHS should require no effort on your part other than turning on your radio and tuning into 92.9. Once the station is playing through your speakers, the higher the volume the more heat you should expect.

Watch the video below as we activate the new Thermal Audio feature and test it out for the first time!

Is Your Car Thermal Audio Compatible?

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