Let's face it — this pandemic really sucks. People are losing their jobs, their loved ones and, worst of all, their lives. We aren't able to do a majority of the things that were a part of our daily lives. We're not even really supposed to leave our homes, and as music lovers, we obviously miss concerts.

The music industry is suffering pretty badly. It started with the cancelation of tours and festivals all over the world, and a lot of us were enraged initially that we wouldn't be able to see our favorite artists. Once reality set in and we came to an understanding that these cancelations were for the best, that rage eventually faded to sadness.

Now, health experts are predicting that concerts aren't going to be feasible until the fall of 2021. While we're grateful to be able to listen to music at anytime, nothing comes close to the thrill of seeing a live show. We truly don't know when the hell we're gonna get to see any band play again. So, we felt the need to vent.

We've compiled a list of the things we miss about attending concerts. Some of them are clearly the more positive takeaways of any live music experience, while others are things we normally hate in the moment — but would take in a heartbeat just for the chance to be able to be at one again. Keep reading to see the 10 things we miss most about concerts, and while you're stuck inside check out some of the live streams you can watch from the comfort of your own home.

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