Have you ever been warned to watch your speed when you pass through a certain town?

One of my closest friends grew up in Chillicothe, Texas and that’s exactly what he told me when I started working at the hospital there back in the early 2000s.

His specific advice was to not go 1 mph over the speed limit or else I would most likely be stopped for speeding. I took heed of his advice and was never pulled over in the year and a half or so that I worked there.

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And today I learned that he wasn’t exaggerating.

I came across a map created by the San Antonio Express-News that highlights traffic-stop hotbeds in Texas and sure enough, Chillicothe is among the hottest.

In 2020, the Chillicothe Police Department employed 1 officer. That officer conducted 1,006 traffic stops. That’s an average of just under 3 traffic stops per day.

In comparison, the Memphis, Texas Police Department consisted of 2 officers in 2020. The Memphis Police conducted 686 traffic stops that year, which comes to 343 stops per officer. On average, they conducted just under 2 stops per day. That’s still pretty high compared to the rest of the state.

In general, the stretch of US Highway 287 between Wichita Falls and Amarillo is full of traffic stop hotbeds, which isn’t news to anyone who grew up in West Texas. So, next time you’re headed that way be sure to mind the speed limit. Your wallet will thank you.

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