Isaac Kappy, an actor known for bit parts in movies like 'Thor' and 'Beerfest', committed suicide Monday.

The 42-year-old actor jumped from a bridge over Interstate 40 in Bellemont, AZ Monday morning, then being hit by a truck and dying at the scene. Two teenagers grabbed hold of Kappy and tried to keep him from jumping, but Kappy was able to pull away.

As reported by Fox News, Kappy streamed a video for nearly an hour and a half days before his death (Due to the nature of the video, we will not embed it here, but the video has been reposted to YouTube since his death), and posted a strange note to Instagram, apologizing to those he's hurt, including Donald Trump and the QAnon movement,


Kappy's wild hair made him instantly recognizable in movies filmed in his hometown of Albuquerque, appearing in 'Thor', 'Fanboys', 'Beerfest', and 'Terminator: Salvation'. He had previously made headlines by allegedly choking Paris Jackson at a party, and accusing Seth Green of being a pedophile.