Donald Trump is a man of many hats. The presumptive G.O.P. nominee for President used to be a reality TV star. He's been a real estate mogul. He's a a bestselling author. He's had his hands (and his money) in everything from casinos, to steaks, to clothing. There's one business venture you may have forgotten about, though. In 1989, he stepped away from the board room and into the world of board games.

Trump: The Game was released by Milton Bradley in 1989. Basically, the game consisted of going around the board using your T shaped game piece and buying and selling properties. Yeah, it sounds a lot like Monopoly and it totally is but it's a completely different game... Check out this video where YouTuber John Picker shows the details of a copy of the game he found.

Unfortunately for the Donald, the board game business treated him about as well as the airline, education, and vodka industries. The game flopped. Within about a year it was pulled from the shelves.

Trump: The Game did see a second coming though. In 2004, because of the success of 'The Apprentice,' the game was re-released by Hasbro with updated artwork and a new card in the game that incorporated Trumps 'You're Fired' catchphrase. Unfortunately, this version also failed to become a timeless board game classic.

While neither version of Trump: The Game are currently being produced and sold in stores, there are still ways to get your Donald dice-rolling fix. You can easily #MakeAmericaGreatAgain for under $20 just by making a bid on one of the many copies available right now on Ebay.