As the newest blogger here at 92.9NIN I was super stoked when I found out I was going to get to sit in on Chris Callaway’s interview with Tim Halperin and Lil Larry.  Tim is also a new addition to the 929 NIN crew as the star of the 'Idol Got it Wrong' segment on the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning show and after talking with him for a while, it seems he will most likely continue to make guest appearences with Kidd.  Lil Larry was also in the studio having recently been signed as a recording artist with Curb records.  Both singer/songwriters came to Wichita Falls to promote their new music and give us a show at the Iron Horse Pub for the NIN Pre-New Year’s Party last Thursday night.

These artists are very genuine, and easy to talk to.  We had a lot of fun in the studio during their interviews before the concert.  It even got a bit personal as both Tim and Lil Larry revealed the most surprising artists on their iPods.  Would you believe they are both Disney fans?  Lil Larry confessed he occasionally rocks out to some Lion King but Friends in Low Places by Garth Brooks is definitely his jam.  As for Tim he admits that there are plenty of things that he is not proud of on his iPod including NSync, Backstreet Boys and his Disney favorite, Aladdin.

Both Tim Halperin and Lil Larry preformed an impressive show and we have video to prove it.  Lil Larry's set included his hot new single "Beautiful Thing."  He also came complete with his own enterouge: a compelling hype-man who kept the crowd energized and two impressive backup dancers.  At one point Lil Larry pulled a fan on stage and serenaded her.

Tim Halperin kept the momentum going with favorites from "Idol Got it Wrong" and several of his newer songs off his album, Rise and Fall.  Tim was impressed with the likes of Wichita Falls and it's eager crowd and we were more than happy to share the love with such a talented and passionate artist.  Tim kept the crowd moving while keeping it intimate, and as he put it, almost as if you were on a date with Tim Halperin himself.

Their amazing musical talents  combined with their approachable personalities I am sure we will be hearing a lot more from Lil Larry and Tim Halperin.

Check out the videos and pictures below from the Iron Horse concert and the in studio interview.

In studio interview:

Tim Halperin - "The Last Song"

Lil Larry - "Beautiful Thing"