Tommy Wiseau really wants to play the Joker. So badly that he’s now gone past the audition phase and cast himself in a re-creation of The Dark Knight. And dear reader, it’s something words fail to capture; you need to experience this for yourself.

Earlier this year Wiseau and Nerdist paired up for a haunting Joker audition tape, one that has surely held your nightmares captive ever since. Apparently Wiseau isn’t pleased that Hollywood decided to pass on him and cast Joaquin Phoenix as the new Clown Prince of Crime. The Room creator is back to make his case once more, taking things a step further to re-create the interrogation scene from The Dark Knight.

In it, Wiseau is covered in the messy white and red Heath Ledger makeup with greasy green hair. His Batman is, of course, played by Greg Sestero. It’s a line-for-line re-enactment of the famous scene (which I, as I’m sure you, have watched a bajillion times), but this honestly feels like watching two aliens who have no understanding of the English language or know what like, acting is. My favorite part is when Wiseau says, “Because you change everything forever” – by the way, not the actual line – then abruptly nods his head as if he’s pleased with his delivery, and then he interrupts Sestero to say the line again. For no reason!

The whole thing is so bizarrely terrifying maybe Warner Bros should just recast Jared Leto with Wiseau. He sure as hell would be more fascinating to watch. After all, it does makes sense: Wiseau serious? *brain explodes*

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