I thought the first "Men In Black" was really interesting and enjoyable, but nowhere near the amazing sci-fi adventure people played it out to be.  Also, the tie-in song from Will Smith made me want to plug my ears with cement.  A few years later we got "Men In Black II".  Lara Flynn Boyle was a much nicer villain to look at compared to Vincent D'Onofrio in the original, but the movie really lacked anything that made it stand apart from the original.  When I heard that "Men In Black III" was in production, my first thought was "Wow... Will Smith going back to the well again!"  Tommy Lee Jones has always been my favorite part of the "MIB" series, but I had heard rumours he wouldn't be in most of the movie since it takes place in the past.  Then I saw set photos of Josh Brolin, one of the best actors working today, on set looking like a young Tommy Lee Jones and my interest was immediately peaked.  Now we have the first official trailer.  All that we gather from this is Agent K, contrary to the previous films, has been dead for 40 years and Agent J must go back in time to figure out what happened.  Ok... the time travel twist has been played out before, but maybe they could do something a little different with it.  Also, we get Emma Thompson (a plus in any movie she's in) as Agent O, and a quick shot of Josh Brolin as younger Agent K.  Either Tommy Lee Jones dubbed over his voice, or Brolin is doing the greatest Tommy Lee Jones impression ever.  After this trailer, I might have to break my own personal ban on seeing Will Smith movies in the theater and check this out.