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Travis Scott’s Secret Relationship With Rihanna

Before Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott dated, Scott reportedly had a secret relationship with Rihanna back in 2015. Scott was apparently not happy when their relationship was brought up in an interview, as Rihanna didn't want anyone to know about them because she felt it was embarrassing. Scott started dating Jenner in 2017 and the couple are allegedly back together. (via Cosmopolitan)

You Can Purchase Tom Brady’s Pimped Up SUV

Tom Brady majorly upgraded his 2017 Cadillac Escalade and made the car look first class! Brady had the car redone by Becker Automotive Design in California and personally customized every bit of the remodeled car. The biggest modification, though? The sheer size of the SUV. The vehicle was stretched and the roof was raised to accommodate reclining chairs, folding tables and a television. The car also has an internet connection for constant internet access while on the road. If you want to purchase this “collector’s car,” Brady says he will part with it for $300,00. (via TMZ

The New Highest Paid Female Athlete

22-year-old tennis player Naomi Osaka has made history. Osaka earned over $37 million dollars in the past year, the highest any female athlete has earned in a year. The Japanese tennis player has even earned more than fellow competitor Serena Williams. Osaka earned the money from tournament wins and sponsorships with brands like Nissan, Yonex and Shiseido. Osaka will also star in a new Netflix documentary focusing on her journey as a tennis player. (via Just Jared

Hospital Date Nights as Couple Prepares for Birth of Their Son

Bob Conlin and Shona Moeller are preparing for the arrival of their son. However, because of restrictions due to the coronavirus, Moeller is not allowed to have any visitors in the hospital she's been at for the past few weeks. So, about three or four times a week, Conlin visits Moeller for a social distancing date where he brings food, presents and waits outside her hospital window with a sign outside. (via CBS)

Trump Threatens Social Media Shutdown

After President Trump’s erroneous tweets about mail-in ballots for the 2020 election were flagged by Twitter for spreading false information, Trump claimed that he will potentially attempt to shut down all social media platforms. (via Just Jared)

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