There are times when I miss living in the Metroplex, but all it takes is seeing a video like this one to remind me why I got the hell out of there.

The thing I loved most about living down there was the ease of access to major events like big-name concerts and professional sporting events. But the commute sucked. And this was over twenty years ago. It’s gotten way worse since then.

So, I can totally understand the frustration people feel while driving down there.

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Personally, I start to feel tense just before I get to I-35W in Fort Worth. And I’m obviously not the only person who is a little more on edge while navigating the D-FW traffic.

The latest example of a driver being pushed to the brink of assaulting another driver happened back on Friday, March 17.

While it’s unclear as to what led up to the confrontation, it’s quite clear that the driver of the truck wasn’t about to get into a fistfight with the other guy. So, he pulled a knife on him.

The problem is that we don’t get to see what happened next.

I’m guessing that the big guy pounding on the door of the semi walked away after he got a good look at the blade the trucker pulled on him, but we’ll probably never know.

But one thing that is 100% certain is that driving in Dallas sucks.

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