This is a 'Breaking Bad' level of meth production. 

Over in Austin, police pulled over a vehicle for speeding on July 12. 23-year-old Seline Lizeth Ayala was holding onto quite the stash of illegal narcotics. Police became suspicious of Ayala because her story was not matching up.

"She was acting nervous, her stories where she was coming from and where she was traveling to were very contradictory," said Lt. Robert Richman with Austin Police Department's organized crime unit. Narcotics dogs were called to the scene and alerted officers of possible drugs in the car.

What appeared to be a degreaser container was actually holding liquid meth. 75 pounds of meth with a street value of about $2 million was seized.

Austin police said I-35 is a very popular cartel travel route. Ayala was arrested and faces up to 20 years in federal prison on drug trafficking charges.

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