Imagine being stuck in traffic because of construction. Then you drive by the site and see this. Yeah, I would be mad. 

A photo in Temple, Texas is going viral after a man stuck in traffic due to construction caught some workers doing something weird. Ronnie Frazho snapped the photo of some workers constructing a doghouse. He added along with it, "This is why the frontage road on General Bruce is taking forever!!! Anybody else need a doghouse."

The post has gotten some attention including from someone claiming to work for TxDOT. "Actually, these workers were on their lunch hours, when they were allowed to do whatever they want, since they are not paid for that time," said Jodi Wheatley, a TxDOT spokeswoman, in the comments of Frazho's photo.

She said the delay in construction is due to a water line that needs to be moved, not the construction of a small dog house."If we don't move (the water line), it will be broken and then all the businesses and homes in the area would have no water for as long as repairs took," Wheatley said. "We are trying to avoid the problem that would cause."

I'm confused by her two comments. Are they on their lunch break or are we waiting for a water line to get moved? If lunch break, fine. Build a dog house if you want, I guess. If we're waiting on a water line to be moved, these guys could probably be doing something other than building a dog house.

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