Seagulls already get a bad reputation for their aggressive swooping, beachside snack thievery and beady, judgmental eyes. However, one UFO expert warns that seagulls are actually alien spies in disguise sent to do reconnaissance on human life.


According to the Mirror, Nick Pope is a UFO expert who has worked as a government advisor investigating extraterrestrial life for the Ministry of Defense.

Pope claims that the bird known for stealing chips and ice cream cones from beachgoers is the perfect spy. In fact, he believes seagulls were sent to Earth to collect information about earthlings and research humanity for aliens.

"If aliens want to hack into and control a living organism or construct a drone that's a perfect mimic, it would be best to choose something ordinary and ubiquitous, like a seagull or a housefly," Pope told the tabloid.

According to Pope, seagulls make for the perfect spies because they're "something you wouldn't normally pay much attention to, perhaps. But all the time, it would be spying on us, recording everything, and sending information about us back to the alien homeworld.

Pope believes that "if aliens are secretly monitoring Earth, they'll be doing it up-close-and-personal ... not with distant telescopes, but a way that would enable them to get crystal clear images and recordings, right under our noses."

He continued to the Mirror: "Any civilization capable of getting here from other star systems undoubtedly has technology that would seem like magic to us. One possibility is that they might be able to implant a living creature with tiny cameras and recording devices and then control its thoughts to position it anywhere of interest."

According to the "UFO expert," another alternative "would be to construct drones that are indistinguishable from an animal, a bird, or an insect."

It's not sci-fi, either.

Pope said we have already seen technology like this used before: "People have probably seen some images of insect-like drones that spy agencies allegedly use ... So next time you move to swat that fly, watch out. Your actions might inadvertently start an interstellar war!"

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