Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned UFO sighting?

According to Texas UFOs, a cigar-shaped UFO was spotted moving slowly over Wichita Falls back on August 26.

Here’s the testimony from the website:

I was driving east on Kell from FM 369 and saw something flying low and slow. I thought it could be a C-130 flying into Sheppard AFB, but as I looked more closely, it wasn't a plane.I almost got into wreck looking at it, but pulled over got out of my car to take photos as I wanted less traffic interference. Unfortunately, the sun messed up my ability to see screen, so my first 4-5 photos were too high. My first photo, that I could use, said 159pm. I did, however, get 2 of the object. I then put my phone into video mode and got 2 short videos. Again, I could not see phone screen very well, but did capture its' flight in first video and eventual changing directions from East to West to a more NW direction on the second (there is moment that shot was messed up, but at the end you can see it going away). I am really overwhelmed as this is my 5th report in a month. All I can think of to say is "Got Jesus?..............If not, you may want to think about it !!!" Wow!!

It’s hard to make anything out in the video, but my guess is that since it was on the day of the Hotter’N Hell 100, it’s the sky banner that was being pulled over the city that day as it seems to move in a similar manner.

What do you think?

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