Every year we go to an Ugly Christmas Sweater party and each year you have to step it up a notch to have the best and ugliest sweater possible. The Ugly Christmas Suit is the next step in Christmas celebration (as you'll see in the pictures below).

Last year I attached strips of LED lights to my body with a touch of tinsel so my whole sweater would glow...and it was good. Kat wore Pandas which is arguably just as awesome!

The year before that I wore an ugly sweater that was a few sizes too small - because an ill fit can add a ton to the ugliness. Santa approves!

My wife really took it to a new level by adding a Santa face to her chest...

This year I'm not sure what I'll be doing to ugly up a sweater...but I am 100 percent sure that next year I will be wearing and Ugly Christmas Suit. Look at these things!

The site Shinesty has some amazing Ugly suits and sweaters if you are in the market to impress. This year they are sold out, so you you do have to plan ahead.

Do have a picture of your Ugly Christmas Sweaters? Share them below in the comments!