The famous newspaper that showed how the McFly family would change forever, can now be yours. 

First off, I have to be honest about this, I was ready to tear USA Today a new a**hole this morning when I heard about this. All I found was that they were doing a small tribute on their website to this important date in movie history. After some research we found out that the newspaper will be released tomorrow. Tomorrow! Why?

Then our Digital Managing Editor Aaron Galloway reminded me that the paper is actually from the next day - October 22 - because Doc went further to see how October 21, 2015 shaped the future. Seriously, email him and tell him good job for noticing that. I thought I was the 'Back to the Future' expert today, guess not.

The cover features, of course, the famous shot of Marty McFly Junior getting arrested. Also, some great 'Back to the Future' references in the made up stories. A mom injured while hydrating pizza, George McFly's book being turned into a movie and new hoverboard models coming out.

I hope there are still copies available when I go grocery shopping tomorrow.

(Image via USA Today)