This maybe my favorite uniform in Dallas Cowboys history.

I have stated for years that I want an all white uniform from the Dallas Cowboys. From 1960 to 1963 the team wore white pants with their jerseys and I think it looked SO MUCH better than the silver pants they have been wearing since 1964. People think it's iconic and I don't. It's hill I have died on for years.

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However last night, my dreams finally came true. White pants, white color rush jersey, and the 1960's style white helmet. I don't know how you can think the Cowboys looked bad last night. Well...uniform wise. The team did not have the cleanest game against the Titans. I'm glad the commentators brought it up, the Cowboys play to their competition. This Cowboys team should have dominated the Titans.

The Titans were starting their third string quarterback and had a bunch of injuries this season. Joshua Dobbs did throw an interception late in the game, but he stayed in that pocket against a great Dallas Cowboys defensive line. What sucks for the Cowboys, Dak threw for two interceptions. Once again, one of these is not his fault. He hit his receiver right in the hands and the ball bounced off them.

^You cannot tell me that play is Dak's fault. It's not high where a receiver should have bobbled that ball. Hendershot is acting like the ball is made of lava and just can't hold it.

^This one is Dak's fault. Stat line will show two Dak interceptions and over the past couple of weeks this is how it has been.

^This one cost them a game a few weeks ago. Hopefully these receivers clean this up before the playoffs kick off in two weeks. We still don't know what time the final Cowboys regular season game will be this season. That should be announced on Monday, whenever it is. You can always listen to it in Wichita Falls on 106.3 the Buzz and NewsTalk 1290.

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